National Safety Week 39 Products

Every year in March, India celebrates National Safety Week, 4th March to 10th March, 2024. The idea behind this was to create the SHE campaign. The goal of the safety week is to spread safety awareness amongst all the employees to make the workplace safer.

The main objective of celebrating National safety day is to make people aware of the importance of safety measures; however, there are various objectives undertaken by the Government of India for this day.

  • Make people aware of the SHE movement. (Safety, Health, and Environment)
  • Promote the safety culture in the society with the help of various activities.
  • Motivating people to make the workplace safer for all.
  • You'll find everything you need for a National Safety Week event down below. There are many safety products like Safety Badges, Helmet Stickers, Safety Banners, Safety Memento, Keychains, Trophies, T-shirts, Safety Pockets and many more.

    Take a moment – or even a week – to congratulate one another. Don't forget to find us on social media and tag us for the same & tell us about your personal and organizational safety achievements so we can congratulate you!

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