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"1. Poster on reduce pollution
2. Poster on control pollution
3. Awareness "

Poster on reduce pollution is speaking volumes about the importance of waste segregation. Poster on control pollution can be seen directly classifying the dry waste, wet waste and hazardous waste. Workers need to be made aware of what all things come under dry waste and what all things come under wet waste and hazardous waste and this awareness can be spread with the help of this posters. This will intern help in reducing pollution. Dry waste includes paper & cardboard, metal, glass, foam, thermocol, plastic bottles, wood, wrappers, packets, egg shells. Wet waste includes vegetable waste, fruits, food waste, dry leaves, small bones, wet paper, green twigs, water plants, used cotton, nails, etc. basically all wet waste are organic. Hazardous waste includes batteries & cartridges.


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